24 November 2008

Abelardo Morell, Mirrors, and Pinholes

I feel like I only blinked, and now this semester is just three short weeks from being over. And I'm still just getting busier! 

I ended up being the only student in my night photo class, after the two others dropped out. Which actually works out well because the projects are molded around what I want to do. These two photographs are from last week's assignment - "Exploration of an Object". I chose mirrors. I want to keep this series going. 

Something I am excited about: when I return from Texas for Thanksgiving I get to see Abelardo Morell in Philly! He's is speaking and showing his work, and I can't wait to see it in person! He was one of the first to have a real impact on me since I started photography. 

In the next two or so weeks I will be working on a pin-hole series that I'm just starting. I'm also experimenting and building a twin "lens" pin-hole, which I've never heard of before but have to try. Barbara Ess was one of the first to make me fall in love with pin-holes. I've been keeping her book "I am Not This Body" from the library for weeks! The combination of writing and pictures is perfect.

"The world appears behind a sheet of glass. I try to get through. You are talking. I can see your lips moving."

10 October 2008

Clothing, an Extension of the Skin

These two photographs are the beginning of my series in relation to an alternative take on fashion-esque photography. The focus here being on relationships of varying ideas, for instance the relationship between clothing and skin, the relationship of the environment to the clothing, the relationship of space to all of those. I feel like it's still on the tip of my tongue, the edge of my seat, I have so much work to do and am overwhelmed and excited all at once! I haven't had these sort of inspirational revelations in a long time. 

Composure vs instability defined by a disconnect with that that is surrounding. 

Currently my new job as an under-the-table-paid barista is working out very well. A small fraction of actual work compared to the nice pay, which I won't complain about, plus incentives such as I can hang up my work to sell, tips, and the surprising amount of networking I can do. I've already met two artists with home-studios, one of which is being paid to visit Copenhaegan next week and I am extremely envious of! Anyways, it seems like a nice fit. Tonight might include a visit to Philadelphia for various, obvious, reasons; one being that it is just such a great place! We'll see what comes out of it.